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Filter washing dryer

Aseptic filter washing dryer

Since 2001, Yaguang has successfully developed the first sterile raw material filtration washing and drying equipment, which has been continuously improved and perfected with the gradual development of China's pharmaceutical industry, forming two series of nearly 40 kinds of specifications.Our company for the product of the national industry standard drafting unit

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High efficiency rotary rectifying bed

High efficiency rotary rectifying bed

The high efficiency rotary distillation bed is a new type of high efficiency distillation equipment, which is a substitute for the traditional distillation column. It is mainly used in the recovery of organic solvents and the separation and purification of products。

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Rubber plug/aluminum cap cleaning machine

Rubber plug cleaning machine (aluminum cap cleaning machine)

Since 1996, Yaguang company successfully developed the first rubber plug/aluminum cap cleaning, sterilization, drying equipment, with the gradual development of China's pharmaceutical industry and continuous improvement and improvement, has developed to the sixth generation model, the formation of two series of more than 80 kinds of specifications of products

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Industry brand 20 years heating value guarantee

  • High-tech enterprise
    The business scope covers five continents and the number of employees exceeds 1,000 [1]More than 300 research engineers [2]Patented technology 200 [3]The remaining technology enterprise cluster
  • Productive capacity
    Increase investment in facilities and equipment, introduce foreign advanced production equipment in the industry, and produce high-end high-quality products that meet GMP standards
  • Collectivized development
    After more than 20 years of development and accumulation, based on the research and development and production of professional pharmaceutical equipment, the layout of energy-saving evaporation equipment, high-salt and high-concentration wastewater treatment equipment, powder solid treatment equipment and other industries to achieve group development
  • Products and services
    To expand the market and sincerely win customers, with professional equipment design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and technical support service customers

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[1] Employee data is the sum of Yaguang and its wholly-owned subsidiaries and holding subsidiaries;

[2] Technical personnel data The sum of Matsu and its wholly-owned subsidiaries and holding subsidiaries

[3] Patent data is the sum of Yaguang and its wholly-owned subsidiaries and holding subsidiaries;
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